One-On-One Training

Professional One-on-One Training

Get the results you’ve always envisioned with professional fitness training.

We’ll design workouts specifically to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Tailor-made for you, crafted through our partnership training program, we will start at your physical level, then raise you further then you ever imagined.

By following our instructions, we guarantee you’ll reach and exceed your health and fitness goals.

Your goals become our goals. With our “I equals We/We equals Us” fitness philosophy, powered by our TeamUs Workout mentality.

We’ll be your fitness partner, star player, and biggest cheerleader on your strength and conditioning team!

Our one on one, professional, partnership training is further then calisthenics and beyond exercise. It is working out deep rooted, personal issues, and manifesting your greatness…

Our greatest attributes include:

  • Intimacy and endurance
  • Compassion and conditioning
  • Understanding and strength building
  • Intelligence and durations
  • Innovation and frequency
  • Creativity and commitment
  • Tolerance and trust
  • Love and vulnerability
  • Compassion and ability
  • Discipline and Sacrifice
  • Great Health and Fast Results!

Appointment times are custom created to coordinate with your schedule, and you are able to do up to 4 sessions/week! All programs are tailored to meet your individual nutrition and fitness goals.

In this program, you will be working with FTF owner and head trainer, Simon Carter.