Mini-Group Training

Personal Mini-Group Training

Because fitness isn’t something you do, it’s something you live! Live life to the fullest with your personal trainer.

Maximize your fitness ability in our partnership training program. The goals you set are the goals we’ll exceed. We’ll design a fitness plan catered to your needs!

From running together to lunging together, we’ll be by your side – guiding and encouraging you, ensuring you exceed your goals.

Our morals and ethics, principles and values, compassion and understanding, commitment and discipline will elevate and propel you to new heights.

You’ll never work out alone again! We are your training partners!

Our attributes include:

  • Educated
  • Committed
  • Disciplined
  • Goal oriented
  • Fun
  • And inexpensive!

Appointment times are custom created to coordinate with your schedule, and you are able to do a session every single day if you want!

In this program, you will be working with our certified personal trainer, Freedom.