SIMON, Owner/Head Trainer

Simon’s workouts are second to none.

Whether its one-on-one training, a group fitness class, or boot camp in the park, Simon’s workouts are phenomenal; truly an amazing, inspirational experience in which words cannot describe. Simon instills his urban upbringing, boxing training, fathers ministering, mothers grooming, and college education into every workout.

As he describes it:

“Working out is not just logical, its psychological, it’s not just emotional, its spiritual, its not just physical, its internal. Working out is not just something you do, it’s something you live, it’s a way of life.”

Simon Carter is the son of a Christian Minister and Muslim Mother. When Simon was 9 years old his uncle brought him his first set of weights to build muscle and scare off predatory gang members, child molesters and drug users.

Plagued by gang violence and surrounded by drug dealing, Simon found working out to be a form of protection and escape from his deadly environment.

Nevertheless, at the age of thirteen, Simon’s mother decided his weight lifting was no match for the violence and drugs that engulfed their community. So for his safety and an opportunity for a bright future, she sent her only son to San Antonio, TX to live with her brother on a military base until she and her husband were able to move to a safer community.

Outraged by his mother’s decision, Simon refused to enroll in high school when he arrived in TX. Instead he became an amateur boxing champion, winning consecutive golden gloves, state and national titles.

7 years later and now a professional boxer, Simon was told his family brought a house, his dog had died, his mother had cancer, and she wanted him to come home.

When Simon returned to his old neighborhood he really began to appreciate the foresight of his mother. For all his childhood friends were either dead, in jail, or selling drugs, and it seemed like everyone in the neighborhood, smoked marijuana, drank liquor and ran from police. Their self-destructive lifestyle made Simon realize how special his mother was.

As such, Simon reignited his relationship with his mother. He shared what he learned about being a boxer: the proper foods to eat, the amount of calories needed to train, the difference between carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, and which foods had which nutrients. He told her about what supplements to take for what exercise: strength, endurance, cardio. His mother, now an Islamic psychologist, was so happy, impressed, and pleased.

She taught him about psychosocial behavior, the mental & spiritual aspects of human development, about prayer and mediation, about herbs and self-healing, about GOD and the life of a vegetarian. They spend every day together for over a year, reading, praying, mediating, writing, learning and healing.

Simon’s mother is now a cancer survivor and contributes her survival to Simons nutritional and fitness wisdom and guidance. In return for her praise and unconditional love, Simon stop boxing, became a vegetarian, and pursued his education.

After obtaining his GED, Simon went on to receive his Associate degree, Bachelor degree, an MBA degree and even went on to pursue his PhD in Exercise Science. However, Simon received an opportunity to teach fitness on an international level so he postponed his PhD studies and move to Hollywood, California.

Before moving to Hollywood, Simon has worked for both corporate and non-profit organizations alike, his positions included: Accountant, Credit analyst, Sales Executive, and Executive Director. Some of those organizations included: Ford Motor Corporation, Yale University, The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children, Boys and Girls Club of America, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, and The Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

In addition, Simon has patented a product, operated concession stands in athletic arenas throughout New England and has employed and managed over 125 people.

But Simon’s passion has always been health and fitness. Besides boxing, Simon has worked as a fitness instructor for one of the most influential Fitness Club’s in America, Life Time Athletic Club of Boca Raton, Florida. Simon has also worked as a fitness instructor for one of the toughest gyms in America, Knuckle Up of Atlanta, Georgia.

In an effort to share this way of life, Simon has trained and designed fitness programs for the following:

  • Life Time Athletic Club (Boca Raton, FL)
  • Knuckle Up (Atlanta, GA)
  • New York Film Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
  • United States Military (Fort Stewart, GA)
  • New Haven Board of Education (New Haven, CT)
  • Los Angeles Board of Education (Los Angeles, GA)
  • Inner city, at-risk youth & young adults (New Haven, CT)
  • Inmates in prison (Cheshire, CT)
  • Rappers, Singers and Producers (Atlanta, GA)
  • Acting Students (Los Angeles, CA)