We make the weak strong, the last first, and those at the bottom, we rise them to the top. If you’re already strong, we make you stronger, and if you’re already first, we make sure you maintain your position.

**Due to COVID-19 Advisory, Further Than Fitness, with Simon Carter the Workout Minister, has moved operations to the North Hollywood Park, where we practice safe social distancing while strengthening our immune system and keeping ourselves strong and healthy to protect against the virus.**

Noho Park Training Rates

We are training across the street from the East Valley YMCA, you can’t miss us! TEXT 818-651-8450 with any questions, or just come see us!


From our signature “Box and Run” class, Abs on Fire, Pump Day, Marathon Monday, and everything in between, our classes are great for all levels (beginner to advanced), all shapes, sizes, fitness levels – just get ready to go hard!!


Monday-Friday at 7A, 8A, and 6P, Saturday and Sunday at 9A and 10A


One Drop-In Class: $20

Monthly Unlimited Classes: $199/month